Montessori eXperience Inc. is offering teacher guided e-learning programs with a combination of 1-on-1 live zoom sessions and pre-packaged e-learning content to help children build a strong academic foundation in reading and math. Created by Montessori certified teachers from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), these programs combine the traditional Montessori method with today’s e-learning technologies to deliver an engaging and individualized learning experience to children from pre-school to Grade-4.

  • Montessori Phonics & Reading
  • Montessori Math

Montessori Phonics & Reading

Based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s blueprint of Phonetic Reading:

Gives the child schemes to decode word rather than asking them to memorize the whole word. This helps child read any word in that scheme, even the ones they are encountering for the first time.

Level 1: Basic Phonics:

Outcome: Master complete sound-symbol association in English alphabet

Level 2: Montessori Pink Scheme:

Building and reading 3-letter phonetic words and high-frequency words

Outcome: The child can read basic readers independently

Level 3: Montessori Blue Scheme:

Longer phonetic words (4 or more letters, phonetic compound words)

Outcome: The child can read any phonetic word and has also mastered a range of sight words.

Level 4: Montessori Green Scheme:

Phonograms & Digraphs, More sight words, Advanced Readers

Outcome: The child is now a complete reader!

Montessori Math Program

An engaging mathematical journey as the concepts and ideas are introduced in a systematic, step-by-step manner with rich visualizations that helps develop a life long love for not only math but learning in general.

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How it works?

  • You will be connected to a Montessori certified teacher who will determine
    the starting point for your child based on an assessment
  • Your child will get an individualized learning package each week.
  • Every week builds upon what was learnt and mastered last week and creates
    an effective weekly work cycle for the child.
  • The teacher will provide periodic 1-on-1 live zoom sessions and will always be available over phone to consult and fine tune the
    content based on how your child is progressing.

Why it works?

Individualized, easy to navigate, structured content 

  • Montessori presentation videos – short, precise and pre-recorded
  • Interactive activities tied to the Montessori presentations
  • Montessori readers with different voice-over options
  • Printable worksheets to maximize learning with minimum screen time
  • Weekly work cycles with specific outcomes that provides an easy way to track week-over-week progress

Effective progress tracking  

  • Periodic quizzes and a summative assessment at the end of each level to ensure the child is set up for success as they move to next level.

Always a human in the loop

  • Even through the program is e-learning, there is always a connection between teacher and the student as the same teacher manages the entire learning journey of a child including reviews of the periodic assessments and fine-tuning content.

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